Do something beautiful by empowering families fighting cancer.

Our Mission

The Beauty Foundation for Cancer Care’s mission is to alleviate the overwhelming financial and emotional strains that cancer treatments place on families.

We help remove the burdens that families face when one of their members is fighting cancer. We raise money to offset the expenses they incur, which aren’t covered under insurance such as child care, household bills, transportation costs associated with treatment, and other needs from lifestyle changes caused by cancer.

We also seek to help families through extremely difficult times with emotional support. We provide help during the holidays for those who are too ill or are unable to afford to have them. 

Additionally, we support the development of educational materials and provide support to local cancer centers.

The Beauty Foundation for Cancer Care is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Our goal is to help inspire courage, strength and confidence that is needed to fight cancer.

How We Began

In 2008, The Beauty Foundation was created with the mission to alleviate some of the burdens placed on women facing a cancer diagnosis. In the beginning the Foundation gave small monetary grants to help women with groceries, childcare and other small expenses.

The Foundation’s mission was based on the concept that a woman holds up the family. When a woman is sick, it creates a situation of stress for the family. The woman worries about childcare, meals for her family and keeping the house clean. If we could provide a small amount of support in these areas, maybe the woman could focus on her own healing.

As time went on, we realized that whenever anyone in the family is sick, the same burdens exist. When a husband or child is sick, childcare, groceries, meals and housecleaning are still a tremendous issue. Therefore, we expanded our mission to help any individuals that are currently being treated for cancer.

To date we have supported thousands of families, providing over $2M in grants and services.

We pray for a cure for cancer but until then we are committed to helping individuals and families lessen their burdens so that they can focus on healing.